spandrel glass film

Spandrel. Spaces separated by glass can be given a semi-private or fully private appearance that is considerably brighter than fully opaque wall dividers. OPACI-COAT 300 SPANDREL GLASS. with spandrel glass. The film is characterised by medium thickness and a textured, matt black surface. Through the application of coatings, film, or other materials to the indoor surface of a glass lite, glass spandrels block light and prevent transparency. We proudly serve customers in Southern California and Hawaii, as well as in the Las Vegas, Nevada area with our quality opaque glass product offerings. Glass Enterprises’ is an approved supplier of Opaci-Coat 300, a patented water-based silicone coating with outstanding adhesion to architectural glass substrates. The building featured rows of dark green vision glass, between rows of opaque green spandrel glass, creating a dated look. Although glass spandrels have been popular on building façades for decades, there are technical factors design professionals must account for when specifying these assemblies. Spandrel Glass Applications. A second PET film is bonded to another side of the first clear film with the film laminating adhesive containing encapsulated metallic flakes to form the spandrel glass film composite adapted for bonding to a glass surface after removal of the silicone liner. Spandrel conceals building components like columns, floor slabs, HVAC systems, wiring or plumbing. Interior spandrel glass does not need to meet the same criteria. Spandrel glass is designed for glazing against a uniform, opaque background. The Solution: 38,000 sq. Spandrel glass is typically designed for applications on the #2 surface of an uncoated glass make-up, or on the #4 surface of an insulating unit incorporating a high performance coating. 33 DCBI 477 3M Standard Blackout Film General Description DCBI 477 is a high performance blackout film which can be used in a wide range of exterior applications like blackout of window frames, pillars and window extensions. Guardian spandrel glass is an opaque panel located between areas of vision glass. 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or textured glass at a fraction of the price. Customize your interior glass to create privacy, visual interest and promotional branding. Syracuse Glass Company is an APPROVED FACTORY FABRICATOR of Opaci-Coat 300, a patented water based silicone coating with outstanding adhesion to architectural glass substrates, even those with reflective coatings! In those cases, Vitro recommends that specific recommendations be solicited from the glass spandrel fabricator, as well as the adhesive and insulation suppliers regarding compatibility and procedural methods. 2. As noted in Figure 1, the insulation may be applied directly to the opacified surface of the spandrel. The proper application for ceramic fritted spandrel glass is to install it in an opening that has a uniformly colored insulation or back-pan that eliminates the possibility of read-through or viewing the glass in transmission. A silicone liner is adhered to the outside surface. Glasswerks offers a full selection of non-vision glass products, including spandrel glass, ceramic frit-coated glass, silicone back-painted glass, and more. Opaci-Coat 300 dries to a rubber-like elastomeric film and is free of lead or organic solvents. With so many options in style, opacity and translucency, you can tailor the amount of privacy your design provides — without sacrificing natural light. ft. of glass was filmed with an exterior grey film, creating a more modern, cohesive look. Spandrel glass has both interior and exterior applications, though spandrel glass used on the exterior of a building usually is heat treated and insulated, to ensure it provides the properties similar to that which an actual wall would provide. This semi-opaque appearance of Spandex’s sign film gives an illusion similar to rice paper dividers but can also be applied to segments of the glass.

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